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If you’re a teacher, social worker, holistic practitioner, or life coach, you help people move through their challenges, disappointments, and fear, providing the healing they need for the next steps in their lives. What is the tool on you? Your voice and your personal energy reservoirs are challenged every day. Sometimes you worry you’re approaching burn out? You may experience vocal strain, laryngitis or a loss of voice. 

You’re essential to the well being of others; are you taking time to revitalise yourself? Rejuvenating your voice can help you tap into a reliable source of personal power to restore, empower and sustain you. 

Katie played such an integral role in my path with the voice, which led me deeply into my path with sound. I have such distinct recollection of what I would now say were transcendent experiences in Katie’s class, through dropping into the natural harmonics and resonance of my voice. Thanks to Katie Bull for offering this empowerment to so many. Creating a space for us to reclaim our voice, our codes, that which makes us uniquely and divinely us....
— Mer A Mu - Sound Resonance Healing Artist, Singer and Earth Activist

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